Services Overview

Our reports aim at providing every legally available information on companies or individuals, wherever they are in the world. The various types of reports that we offer are specially designed to fit all your needs in terms of reporting depth and number of requests, from the KYC information needed to comply with existing regulations to the complete investigation with "on site" inquiries. They are delivered in fix timeframes (ten business days*).


"On site" investigations and a wide range of other specific checks are available as "Add-ons". These features can be added to our Reports, individually or in packages. Please refer to "Our Add-ons" tab for more information.

+ Standard Report Price on Quote

The Standard Report contains the elementary KCY information, such as:


- Commercial Registers 


- Financial Data




- Legal Cases 


- Sanction List

+ StandardPLUS Report Price on Quote

The StandardPLUS Report contains the same KYC information as the Standard, with the addition of a media analysis, through the sections "Relevant News" and "Sensitive News". It also features an Executive Summary, highlighting the report's main points.

+ Enhanced Report Price on Quote

The Enhanced Report is a full Investigative Due Diligence report, comprising:


- Corporate Information (registration, liquidation, etc)


- Financial & Solvency data


- Legal Cases & Litigations


- Sanction Lists


- Media Analysis ("Relevant News" & "Sensitive News")


- Network Analysis ("Related Companies" & "Related Key Individuals")

+ HR Background Check Price on Quote

The HR Background Check is a Human Resources-oriented report specially designed to provide an accurate overview of a candidate and to cross-check the information submitted in her / his application.


The report is based on a StandardPLUS, with the addition of


- CV Analysis


- Risk Assessment

+ "Know Your Client" Bank Report Price on Quote

The KYC Bank Report has been specially concieved for our clients in the Banking and Financial sphere. Based on an Enhanced Report, it features an extended media analysis and a risk assessment:


- Media Analysis & Source Rating


- Country Risk Matrix

+ Add-Ons Price on Quote

Our Add-Ons consist of specific inquiries, deeper insights and "on-site" researches carried on the ground. They can be ordered in extension of StandardPLUS or Enhanced Reports. They also comprise the "Express delivery" possibilities.


- Financial Check


- Background Check for Individuals and Companies


- Business Partners’ Check


- Reputation Check


- Main Customers and Suppliers’ Check


- Plausibility Check


- Credit Check


- Original Commercial Register Check In Situ


- On-site Visit


- Criminal Risk Analysis


- Media Rating


- Panama Papers


- Express Deliveries (5 or 3 days)